Welcome to St Benedict’s Catholic School

Mr Hugh O'Neill, Headteacher

Welcome to St. Benedict’s Catholic School. We are a growing school, with a planned size of about 740 students, boys and girls, aged 11 to 18.

Our growth is the result of St Benedict’s offering a limited number of places in year 7, for the first time, in September 2013. These places are intended principally for children in Catholic primary schools in West Suffolk where children leave at the end of year 6. Read more...


The statistics, showing for the first time the destination of school leavers, showed three state schools - St Benedict's Catholic school in Suffolk, (and two other state schools) - tied for first place, sending seven per cent of their pupils to Oxbridge.

“These statistics demonstrate the gulf between the schools and colleges which deliver for their students - and those which do not,” said Schools Minister David Laws.