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St Benedict's Catholic School

St Benedict's
Catholic School


"Teachers set homework that consolidates pupils’ learning; they have high expectations of pupils completing homework. This helps pupils practise their skills and use these to enhance their learning in lessons."
Ofsted, 2016

St Benedict’s Catholic School Homework Guidance


The purpose of homework is to enhance pupil learning and therefore promote academic achievement.
In particular homework will:

  • provide more time for study, allowing pupils to make more rapid academic progress;
  • encourage pupils to study on their own and so develop as independent learners;
  • allow parents to become involved in the education of their children.


The reason a teacher will set a particular homework will vary but will include:

  • consolidating and reinforcing skills and understanding, developed at school;
  • practice – learning by doing;
  • learning and memorising factual knowledge;
  • extending school learning, for example through additional reading;
  • managing particular demands, such as coursework assignments;
  • encouraging pupils to develop the skills and motivation needed to study on their own as independent learners;
  • developing research and practical skills;
  • providing opportunities for private reading, study or research;
  • doing work not suited to a classroom situation;
  • developing self-discipline.


St Benedict’s believes that education is a partnership between home and school, and that parents have their own responsibilities. Parents are encouraged to support pupils with their homework. Such interest and support will always enhance the child’s learning.
Parents are requested to:

  • Provide a quiet, suitable place where pupils can do their homework;
  • Make it clear to pupils that they value homework and support the school policy;
  • Take an interest in the homework, encourage pupils and praise them when work is complete;
  • Expect and check that deadlines are to be met;
  • Monitor progress by checking exercise books and student planners, and praising good work;
  • Check students homework schedule on the Arbor student portal at least once per week;
  • Contact the school if there are particular difficulties
  • Support the school in the appropriate use of sanctions.


Teachers use Arbor to set homework for students. Parents can access their son/daughter’s current homework schedule by logging in to the Arbor parent portal. More information can be found on the school website:


Homework by department 

At KS3 each piece of homework will be for approx.. 30 mins.
At KS4 each piece of homework will be for approx.. 45mins.
At KS5 students are set approximately 4 hours per subject

Subject Key Stage 3 Key Stage 4
Mathematics 1 per week 1 per week
English 1 per week 1 per week
Science 1 per week 3 per fortnight

Religious Education

1 per fortnight 1 per week
History 1 per week 1 per week
Geography 1 per week 1 per week
Languages 1 per fortnight 1 per week
Art 1 per fortnight 1 per week
Business Studies - 1 per week
Computing 1 per fortnight 1 per week
Design and Technology 1 per fortnight 1 per week
Drama 1 per fortnight 1 per week
Music 2 per half term 1 per week
Physical Education - 1 per week for GCSE