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St Benedict's Catholic School

St Benedict's
Catholic School

Staff List


Teaching Staff

Full Name Job Title
Miss P Baker Teacher of Science
Mr T Bates Teacher of PE
Mr J Beaumont Head of Computing
Mrs C Bergin Director of Inclusive Education
Mrs K Berry Director of Reintegration/Teacher of Science/First Aider
Mrs R Blewitt Teacher of Science/Health & Social Care
Mr M Boorman Acting Head of Year 8 /Teacher of Geography
Mrs S Bowyer Head of Year 9 /Teacher of RE
Ms C Chacksfield Head of Art
Ms S Cleaver Teacher of Science
Miss C Cobb Teacher of Maths
Mrs S Cobbold Lead Teacher for RE/ PSHE Coordinator
Ms E Coogan Head of Year 10/Teacher of Science
Mrs M Cornforth Teacher of Maths
Miss E Cox Head of Year 11/Teacher of History/Sociology/First Aider
Mrs M Dalby Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Ms T Denny Head of Music
Mr J D’Mello Assistant Head/Teacher of Science
Ms A Drabik Teacher of French/Spanish/2nd in MFL
Mr M Drugan Head of DT
Mrs L Eastwood Teacher Maths
Mr A Elmer Teacher of History
Mrs S Hart Teacher of French/Geography
Mr J Hempel Teacher of English
Mrs S Hyden Head of Year 8/Teacher of Science/Psychology/PE/First Aider
Ms V James Teacher of English
Mr H Jogee Head of Maths/First Aider
Mrs C Keefe Teacher of Drama/English
Mrs T Kellett Teacher of DT/Computer Studies
Mrs P Kemp Teacher of Spanish
Miss L Law Assistant Headteacher
Mr M Livermore Teacher of RE
Miss M Mak Teacher of Science/Health & Social Care/First Aider
Mr G May Teacher of History/ ICT
Mr K Murphy Head of Humanities/RE/First Aider
Miss S Newton Head of Geography
Mrs V Nolan Teacher of DT/First Aider
Mrs H Oakes Head of English
Mr N Pointer Teacher of Maths
Mrs J Ranzetta Teacher of RE/ Chaplaincy Support
Mrs K Reeman Deputy SENCO/First Aider
Mrs B Reid Teacher of Maths
Mr J Richmond Head of Sixth Form/Teacher of French/English/First Aider
Mrs I Senior Headteacher
Mr J Senior Teacher of Science
Mrs C Severy Teacher of Music
Mrs H Shepherd Teacher of Sociology/History/Psychology
Mrs R Smart Head of Year 7/Teacher of Geography
Mr F Sousa Teacher of Science
Mr W Stafford Head of Science
Miss S Stemp Teacher of Art
Mr N Stiff Teacher of Geography/Humanities
Mr S Tatum Deputy Headteacher
Mr P Taylor Assistant Headteacher
Mr R Taylor Teacher of Business Studies/History
Mrs C Titcombe Teacher of History/Government & Politics
Mr B Turner 2nd in PE/Maths
Ms S Turner Teacher of English
Mrs A Van Holland Head of Drama
Mr D Wallace Head of RE/Teacher of RE/First Aider
Ms J Wintersteller Teacher of Spanish
Mrs V Wray Teacher of English
Mrs S Wright Head of PE/First Aider

Support Staff

Full Name Job Title
Mrs D Aliaga Exams Officer
Mr K Aliaga Learning Support Assistant
Mrs K Bailey Attendance Officer/First Aider
Ms H Barker Learning Support Assistant
Mr T Bird Assistant Caretaker/First Aider
Miss J Bourne Student Support Manager/First Aider
Miss S Buchan Headteacher’s PA
Mrs J Cooper HLTA
Mrs R Cornish Learning Support Assistant
Dr R Davies Science Technician
Mrs K Defew Data Manager /Pastoral Support Years 9, 10 and 11 / First Aider
Mrs H D' Mello Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Dunbar Finance Officer
Mrs H Dunn Science Technician
Mr L Green Learning Support Assistant
Mrs R Greeves Learning Support Assistant
Mr J Gregory Science Technician
Mrs J Groves Midday Supervisor
Mr P Groves Residential Caretaker
Mrs S Hammock Learning Support Assistant
Mr J Howell ICT Network Manager
Mrs J Koppert Learning Support Assistant
Mrs N Macey Learning Support Assistant
Ms C Moore Learning Resource Assistant/LSA/First Aider
Mrs H Murdoch Senior Finance Officer
Miss S Norman Art Technician
Mrs C Petts Food Technician
Mrs M Sayers Morning Receptionist
Mrs E Simmons Learning Support Assistant/First Aider
Mrs C Spiller Learning Support Assistant
Mr M Spiller Lay Chaplain
Mrs T Stark Resources Assistant
Mr D Steward Careers and Work Experience/First Aider
Mrs H Thacker Learning Support Assistant
Mrs M Wesley Cover Supervisor/First Aider