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St Benedict's
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Languages Career Talk

On Thursday the 16th of January I attended a career talk about why study foreign languages after GCSEs or even at universities. Katrina Fuller explained and provided a lot of information that included things such as: what types of jobs a language degree can lead you, what types of skills you earn, the university she studies at, and most importantly her personal experience in choosing modern languages.

I chose to attend this career talk, because I definitely want to study and continue modern or foreign languages for A-Levels and university. I found out that in year 10 I had a passion for languages and that drove me to explore more about the different jobs and people you can work for. Not only you can translate and interpret texts, but also knowing a language can open many doors in the future as less people are choosing to study it for GCSEs.

Katrina spoke about how languages can lead you to being in the army, or working as an import role for the EU nations. She spoke about how it is important to choose modern languages, even at GCSE level, as this is a common interest jobs look for in people. Personally I find it interesting if you can speak more than one language, and that you can communicate with a range of people around the world. 

My interests for the future are to become a translator or an interpreter as I love learning new languages. So far I know English, Polish, studying French and Japanese, but in the future I would like to expand on my knowledge of languages; such as Spanish or German. If you learn a language it is easier to travel and meet new people. As in university you spend one year abroad to use your skill in languages in practical use and this helps you to become more confident in your speaking skills.

Overall, I do not regret choosing French and Polish as my GCSE options, as I know it will be a lot useful for me in the future. And the career talk made make sure of my definite decision of taking the language path in my education.

Maya Bialas year 11