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St Benedict's Catholic School

St Benedict's
Catholic School

Young Suffolk Poets Competition

A number of our students entered the Young Suffolk Poets Competition.

We were really proud of all of our entries from Years 7 to 9. One of our Year 8 students; Ella Chacksfield was named and one of the Commended poets. Ella has now been invited to be part of the Suffolk Young Poets workshops with guest poet Karl Knights.


A Walk to the Allotment by Ella Chacksfield

We shove our small feet into boots with a wink and a smile,

Ready for the journey ahead,

My eyes fill with blur when the sun joins with me

I think twice about jumping in puddles when trees flow over me

Then a scent from gran's palm raises lavender through my cheeks and brunette hair,

I giggle and feel like a lady, plush with colour

We carry on walking, to the green grassy allotment, left in our gaze,

The pull our boots off with a pop of water from the puddles we jumped in,

Ready to sit by the fire and drink hot chocolate.