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St Benedict's Catholic School

St Benedict's
Catholic School

Accelerated Reader

What is Accelerated Reader?

Accelerated Reader (AR) is a reading programme for all levels of students. By taking a Star Reader Test, we can see your reading levels and suggest appropriate books. You then read the book and do a quiz. The more books you read and quiz, the more points and words you will earn. You will have a Star Reader test at least once a term and as long as you have completed our expectations, you should see your levels go up!

Who is Accelerated Reader for? 

All of Year 7 and all of Year 8 use Accelerated Reader in their fortnightly library lessons.

What do we expect you to do?

  • Read for 35 minutes every day
  • Read at your level
  • Read fiction and non-fiction
  • Do a mindmap before you quiz
  • Quiz within 48 hours of finishing your book
  • Get at least 80% correct in the quiz to pass
  • Talk to LRC staff for help choosing books

How do I find books? 

Go to the AR Book Finder website, and type in the title of your book. If it has a level the information will show on the screen and you can also see what levels you are. If the book is within your zone you can read it and quiz on it!

How do I quiz? 

  • Go to the Accelerated Reader Site
  • Click on Start Working
  • Type in your book title or quiz number
  • Click Take Quiz
  • Select if your read it yourself, with someone, or you were read to

You will be able to see your quiz scores, point scores and words read by clicking on Progress at the top of the page.

Quiz within 48 hours of finishing the book.