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St Benedict's Catholic School

St Benedict's
Catholic School


The purpose of assessment at St Benedict's Catholic School is to allow students to demonstrate the knowledge and understanding that they are developing as they progress through the courses that they study. Students are formally assessed by their subject teachers at least once a term usually via an in class assessment or a project in some practical subjects. These assessments aim to assess course content that has been taught up to the current point in learning, and not only on recently covered work. This allows students to gradually build up the level of knowledge demanded by the GCSE 9-1 courses and the reformed A level subjects. It also allows students to gain and consolidate the knowledge that they need to become confident learners, and to move successfully on to their next stages of learning. 

The documentation here explains in detail the approach used at St Benedict’s to assess pupils at the various stages of academic study in the school. At Key Stage 5 A level grades or Applied General grades are used. At Key Stage 4 the GCSE 9-1 grading system is used and at Key Stage 3 we use our own system based upon Security and Mastery of the curriculum studied in a particular year. At any stage of learning it is our intention to allow parents to see where students are in their learning and to see the progress that is made throughout the key Stage.

Click here for information on the GCSE 9-1 Grading system and the Progress 8 measure now used to judge schools. 
Click here for the St Benedict's Key stage 3 Assessment information booklet.

Progress Reports are produced each term for Parents and students and are made available on Edulink. Detailed information on the information provided in these reports can be found below. 

Sixth Form Assessment and Reporting Information for Parents.

GCSE Assessment and Reporting Information for Parents

Key Stage 3 Assessment and Reporting Information for Parents 

Key Stage 3 Grade Descriptors by Subject are found below: