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Career Profiles


Environmental Scientist

Environmental Scientist

Oliver Moore, Class of 2012

Higher Education Subject and University: 

BSc Environmental Earth Science (2012-2016) and MSc Environmental Monitoring and Analysis (2015-2016) (both at Aberystwyth University)

Current Job: 

PhD Student at the University of Manchester

Brief Career History: 

Achieved a 2:1 in my BSc and a Distinction in my MSc. Worked as a Laboratory Analyst from 2016 to 2018. Started my PhD in September 2018 and expect to complete in March 2022. 

What do you love about your job: 

The freedom to pursue my interests, to work with distinguished scientists, to learn advanced skills and techniques and to travel (for fieldwork and conferences). 

What three pieces of advice would you give someone thinking of a career in Environmental Science:

  1. Get your driving licence ASAP! Most jobs in the environmental sector require one for fieldwork so I can't state this enough. I left learning to drive until quite late and as a result I was locked-out of many jobs for which I was otherwise fully qualified for. Friends of mine who were less academically qualified than me (i.e. had a weaker BSc and didn't do an MSc) but already had a driving licence, didn't have this problem. Also its easier to learn when your younger, so even if you're not planning to get a car until after university, I would still strongly advise learning at age 17-18 if possible.
  2. Look up summer-internship and year-in-industry placements offered by environmental and geo-technical consultancy companies. Having this kind of work experience will significantly help you in the job market post-graduation. The company may even offer you a job to go straight into after you graduate. 
  3. If you have the opportunity to spend a semester or a year abroad - take it! This is something I deeply regret not doing and I would advise this to all students applying to university for any subject.  

How did St Benedict’s help you into your present role: 

As someone on the autistic spectrum (mild Asperger's Syndrome) the support offered to me at St Benedicts was very important. This came in the form of in-class learning support assistants and a good system in place which could identify and implement my exam requirements.  

Favourite memory from your time at St Benedict’s: 

This would be my sixth form years. In A-level Geography and History I learnt so much about the world we live in and this not only helped me in further studies but also made me a well-informed citizen. For example, one of my A-Level History units was on "British political and economic history 1945-2007" - though this is not so relevant to environmental sciences, what I learned in this unit significantly (still!) helps me understand current affairs. 

Three words to sum up an average working day: 

Varied, challenging, stimulating. 


Professor, Head of Medical Education

Professor, Head of Medical Education - Warwick Medical School

Colin MacDougall, Class of 1987

Higher Education Subject and University: Newcastle (University of Newcastle upon Tyne at the time – now changed to just Newcastle!) - Medicine

Current Job: Professor, Head of Medical Education

Brief Career History:

Aug 1992-Aug 1993 Pre-registration ‘house’ jobs;

Ashington and Newcastle.

Aug 1993 - Jan 1996        General Professional Training; Northern Region Paediatric SHO programme. General & Community Paediatrics, Neonatology and Paediatric Cardiology

Feb 1996 - Feb 2002        Higher Specialist Training; Northern Region Paediatric HST/SpR programme,. General, Community & Neonatal Paediatrics, Paediatric Infectious diseases, allergy, ITU and endocrinology

(Sept 1998-Aug 2000 Education Fellow Sunderland Royal Hospital)

Apr 2002 – July 2010       Leicester Warwick Medical Schools & University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust. Senior Clinical Lecturer in Medical Education and Honorary Consultant Paediatrician.

Aug 2010 – Sept 2015     Warwick Medical School & University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust. Deputy Head, Warwick MBChB, Warwick Medical School. Academic Lead for Learning and Teaching.

Sept 2015 -         Warwick Medical School & University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust. Professor (Professorial Clinical Teaching Fellow until Sept 2018) and Honorary Consultant Paediatrician. Head of Medical Education, Warwick Medical School.     

What do you love about your job:

Seeing enthusiastic new graduates succeed on their journey to becoming the next generation of doctors!

What three pieces of advice would you give someone thinking of a career in medicine:

  1. Don’t be too fixed in your planning – I set off to be a clinical doctor and now am mostly an educationalist!
  2. Do stuff you enjoy – I love being a doctor but I also love teaching – and started doing more and more (mainly for fun)… and it became my career!
  3. Remember that everything you do (whether it is direct care, training others or whatever) should be about how it will benefit patients

How did St Benedict’s help you into your present role:

St Benedict’s gave me the opportunity to learn and get the grades I needed – but never ‘hot housed’ me. If I was focused and wanting to work, there was all the support I needed, but the motivation had (rightly) to come from me. Learning was about me and what I wanted from it and not about what others wanted or how it would look for the school.

Favourite memory from your time at St Benedict’s:

Some of my A level Chemistry was more ‘explosive’ than was perhaps intended, or would probably be allowed today!

Three words to sum up an average working day:

Complex, Busy, Rewarding