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St Benedict's Catholic School

St Benedict's
Catholic School


St. Benedict’s Catholic School prides itself on having a neat and dignified uniform, as this presents our identity to the community as a whole. High standards of personal presentation reinforce our values of self-respect and pride in our school and ourselves. If a student is unclear about whether an item of clothing or appearance is acceptable, he or she should - in advance - consult with his or her tutor or the Head of Year. All items of clothing must be clearly marked with the student’s name.


Indoor Clothing

  • School jumper with embroidered school logo, purchased from the school
  • House tie, purchased from the school
  • White shirt
  • Trousers -  Boys and girls contemporary or classic fit black trouser with embroidered logo, purchased from the school
  • Skirts -  Kelso tartan skirt, purchased from the school

Please note that the following items, fabrics or styles are not acceptable:

  • ‘Body Con’ stretch skirts or trousers that cling to the body shape
  • Trousers that expose underwear because they are low cut
  • Denim, corduroy, canvas, patterned items, shorts, culottes, jeans, trousers that look like jeans; leggings or jeggings, extremes of style; ostentatious belts
  • Shoes - Traditional black shoes. They should not have any clearly visible logo

The following are not deemed acceptable footwear: trainers (other than in PE), plimsolls, boots; high heels; any type of shoe which looks like a plimsolls or is made from materials associated with these types of footwear. Canvas shoes are not acceptable.

  • Socks or tights must be plain and of a plain, dark colour
  • Coats/sweatshirts should be removed when in the school building. 
  • Jumpers to be worn at all times


General Guidelines


For reasons of safety and security, jewellery is not to be worn except for the following optional items: a watch, a neck chain with a small crucifix or other religious medal which may be worn under the shirt collar but must be removed for PE, one small pair of studs - one stud in each ear lobe. No other piercing is acceptable, and they must be removed. They cannot be replaced by clear retainers. We would advise parents/carers to consider carefully permitting additional piercings that overlap into being worn in term time. They will be asked to be removed. No beads, friendship bracelets nor anything similar may be worn.


Excessive make-up is not permitted. All makeup used must be minimal. If deemed otherwise, it will be requested to be removed. Excessive use of lipstick, eye make-up and contouring is not permitted and will be asked to be removed. Nail varnish must be clear only.

Extremes of hairstyle are not allowed. A hairstyle appropriate to our uniform requirements is expected. No extreme dying of hair, shaved or partially shaved head, or hairstyles with patterns shaved into them are permitted. Both boys and girls are expected to look ready for work. Longer hair should be smart and if in a practical lesson, such as Science or DT, boys and girls should tie their hair up.Students must be clean shaven.

Outdoor Clothing

Students are not to wear extremes of style, para-military clothing etc. If heavy footwear, such as wellington boots is necessary in inclement weather or specialist footwear required for sports, pupils should change when exiting and re-entering the school building.

PE Kit


  • Black & Green sports shirt, embroidered with “St Benedict’s”
  • Black shorts or skort embroidered with “St Benedict’s”
  • Green football socks, printed with “St Benedict’s”


  • Black & Green embroidered hoodie
  • Black & Green rain jacket, embroidered with “St Benedict’s”
  • Track pants, embroidered with “St Benedict’s”
  • Baselayer top, printed with “St Benedict’s”
  • Baselayer shorts (boys) or leggings (girls), printed with “St Benedict’s”
  • Teamwear backpack and holdall


  • For outdoor autumn/winter activities such as football and rugby, football boots are required.
  • For indoor lessons we strongly suggest Astro Turf trainers, which can be used both in the school gym and also the all-weather surface outside.
  • No plimsolls are allowed to be worn.

Purchasing PE Kit

PE kit should be personalised and ordered directly from our suppliers, Touchline. All PE kit is personalised to avoid theft, aid with the return of items, and for identification during PE lessons and sports fixtures.

Uniform Breach Sanctions

We ask that students adhere to the uniform requirements at all times. There are daily uniform detentions, which are held at lunchtimes by members of the Senior Leadership Team for students who do not attend school wearing the correct uniform. Students will be placed in a lunchtime detention each day until the correct uniform is worn. Heads of Year will make contact with parents/carers if this is continuing over a period of time deemed longer than necessary to make the required improvements.

PE Kit Breach Sanctions

If a student arrives for a PE lesson without the appropriate kit two times in one half term, they will receive a lunchtime detention.